Our Impact

The work that United Way does here locally is truly a blessing.  The money raised here, stays here.  Local agencies are the beneficiaries of those funds, and the money helps those in our community who are in greatest need.  It’s not a hand out…it’s a hand up.  I know from experience that our community is a generous community, so I urge everyone to get actively involved in helping our local United Way reach its very lofty goals this year.  Thank you!”  - Dr. Darrell Floyd, United Way President 2019-2020

United Way of Enid & NW Oklahoma is an autonomous community resource governed by a local Board of experienced volunteers. United Way of Enid & NW Oklahoma is solely responsible for which agencies and programs it chooses to support. United Way of Enid & NW Oklahoma focus on HEALTH, EDUCATION and INCOME.  Through a single community-wide campaign, United Way of Enid & NW Oklahoma raises funds to help meet local health and human-care needs. First recorded campaign was in 1934.  But, United Way is much more than a fund-raiser. Volunteers:  Assess current and future community needs.  Bring organizations and people together to address needs.  Determine where resources are needed most and then distribute them accordingly.  Recruit and train other volunteers.  Put people in touch with the services they need.  Offer management and technical help to a wide range of community agencies.  Apart from government, United Way support the greatest variety of health and human services reaching people from all walks of life and all income groups.  We provide services in Northwest Oklahoma through agencies that have local chapters. Some are small, one-of-a-kind, local agencies. United Way funding patterns are flexible; United Way supports not only “traditional” agencies, but also those that address new and emerging needs.  United Way of Enid & NW Oklahoma as well as all of our agencies receiving funds are nonprofit, tax exempt charities that are governed by volunteers, have annual independent financial oversight, provides services at a reasonable cost, and maintains a policies of diversity and non - discrimination.  United Ways are among the most efficient charitable organizations.  United Way of Enid & NW Oklahoma has 15 agency partners throughout our community. Thanks to all our donations received, 98.5% stays local, we pay 1.5% to United Way Worldwide for dues; however some of that comes back to our community to pay for training. We have a salary overhead that averages between 11-14 %.