2021 Bacon Bash

The HANOR Family of Companies and team members generously donate time and money to local charities in the communities they serve and at every point in the production process, they strive to be good stewards of the farmland and of the communities in which they operate. After all, HANOR and their team members live here, just as you do! The United Way of Enid & NW Oklahoma invite you to join us and The HANOR Family of Companies, by competing in a one day bacon event using Daily’s Bacon, a product within the HANOR Family of Companies. This event is perfect for everyone who loves cooking! Restaurant chefs, home cooks, food truck chefs, civic groups, youth groups & more! We look forward to seeing you and your amazing Daily’s bacon creations Friday, April 23, 2021!

Here’s what to do: • Complete the entry form and return it to the United Way office no later than March 26, 2021 to receive your free package of Daily’s bacon. • Practice your contest entry using Daily’s bacon (available at Jumbos West) • Share samples of your practice dishes with your family and friends! • Tell your family and friends to purchase a taster ticket so they can vote for you! Day of the contest: April 23, 2021 • Pick-up your 25lbs of bacon to prepare your contest entries. Time and location will be in your official contest packet. • Prepare your bacon dishes. • Set-up your outside distribution site from 3-4pm on Independence Street near Stride Bank Center in downtown Enid. Judging begins at 4pm and the public sampling begins at 5:30pm • Present and describe your dish to the panel of judges. • Prepare 300 samples of your entry for paid ticket holders. (Ticket holders will be able to judge your entry and vote for their favorite. The ticket holder voting will count for 20% of your final vote! 80% of your vote will come from our panel of judges) Teams: • Teams are made up of up to six members. 1 Captain and 5 team members. • Teams will get a 20x20 space for distribution to the ticket holders. Space size is approximate. All equipment for your display and distribution of your bacon dish such as tables, EZ Up tents, Sterno warming dishes etc., must fit inside the designated just like it’s your own tailgating party!. Be creative on your booth space! • Electricity is limited so prepare accordingly Judging: Judging will be in two phases. The first phase is at your booth space at 4pm. If your team makes the top ten, the next phase will be take place at the Final Judging Presentation Table at 5pm! Just like you see food judged on food shows! • Teams must have three samples of their bacon dish plated for the judges for both phases • Your presentation can be plated as extravagantly or festively as you’d like. • Entries will be judged on appearance, taste and creativity. • Teams that make the top ten must present their plates at the final table in the lobby of Stride Bank Center at 2:00pm • At the final table, teams will have two minutes to present their dish and describe their creation. Entries at the final table must be the same dish as what you will serve to the general public ticket holders • Winners will be announced during the HANOR Red Dirt BBQ awards ceremony Saturday, April 24th, 3:30pm in the Grand Ballroom of the Stride Bank Center. Scoring: 50% of your total score will be based on Baconism: • Appearance (lots of bacon • Taste (Tasted lots of bacon) • Flavor (Overall Taste) • Creativity (Originality of Dish) • Overall Impression 30% of your total score will be based on Bacon Bits: • Did the bacon fit well in the recipe • Presentation / Plating 20% of your total score will be based on People’s Choice: Those that purchase a taster’s ticket.