Venture Grant Application 2021



The Venture Grant Program is separate and distinct from the regular United Way allocation system. Applicants do not need to be member agencies of the United Way to apply. Venture Grants will be evaluated in conjunction with the Budget/Allocation process. Venture Grants should be responsive to the needs of the community they target.

Only programs with measurable outcomes that meet identified community needs will receive funding. You are strongly encouraged to present as much information as possible in the Needs Section to identify unmet or unidentified needs.


United Way of Northwest Oklahoma Community Impact Areas:
  1. Education:
    • Engage Students
    • Support Families
    • Connect Students w/Resources
    • Build Support Systems
  2. Income & Financial Stability:
    • Family Sustaining Employment
    • Affordable Housing
    • Income Supports
    • Manageable Expenses
    • Savings and Assets
  3. Health & Safety:
    • Safe Homes & Community
    • Healthy Beginnings
    • Healthy Eating & Physical Activity
    • Supporting Healthy Choices
    • Access to Health Care

Programs not meeting these needs will be considered for funding, but should present strong, detailed, comprehensive information in the Needs section to justify funding.

Agency Eligibility

If your agency/organization meets the following criteria, it is eligible to apply for a Venture Grant. (Note: United Way partner agencies do not have to submit any current support documentation if it is already on file with United Way)

  1. Must be certified by the IRS as a 501(C)(3) agency.
  2. Agency/organization’s primary area of service must be in this United Way’s 17 county service area.
  3. Must be governed by an active volunteer Board of Directors.
  4. Agency/organization is proposing a service that has significant promise for improving the health and/ or welfare of the citizens of this area or is extending vital services to a new, clearly defined population group or geographic area within this United Way’s service area.
  5. Must be able to utilize the funds as authorized and by the established deadline of March 31, 2022.
  6. Must provide an audit if the agency annual budget is over $100,000, and Form 990 if annual receipts exceed $25,000.
Funding Notification and Disbursement

Grantees will be notified of funding decisions and funds will be distributed no later than September 31, 2021.

Grant Review Structure and Composition

The Venture Grant Committee will be composed of the Budget/Allocation Committee with final action to be approved by the United Way Board of Directors. The Executive Committee may also periodically review Venture Grant applications as needed.

Funding Criteria

The Venture Grant Committee will evaluate applications according to the following criteria.

  1. How it meets Community Impact Areas as noted on page one.
  2. Evidence of specific need for the proposed program and how this was determined.
  3. Specific measurability of program success (how will the success to the clients/community be measured).
  4. The number of participants or systems that will actually be impacted.
  5. Grant cost versus expected impact to the community.
  6. Evidence of non-duplication of services if similar programs are in the service area.
  7. The agency’s ability to implement programs and attract future funding. If program receives a grant, how will your agency be able to continue the program?
Final Report

For successful grantees, a final report is due within 30 days after project completion. This report should include a final detailed financial report, a narrative of any program highlights, and the program’s success based on the measurability criteria (Program pages in the application). It should also explain how the program will be continued and with what funding sources.

Grantees failing to submit a final report will be ineligible for future Venture grant funding.


Submit the original application and 9 copies to the United Way by 3:00 p.m., June 30, 2021. A digital copy must be e-mailed to: by the deadline.


Questions about the Venture Grant Program should be directed to:

Dan Schiedel, Executive Director
United Way of Northwest Oklahoma
401 W. Broadway, Suite 223
Enid, OK 73701
(580) 237-0821
Email –

Attn: Venture Grants
United Way of Enid & NW Oklahoma
P.O. Box 5828
Enid, OK 73702